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    6 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Must Have

    Not every girl is into makeup, but who doesn’t want to look good during special moments like wedding, festivals, date or an interview. For this shaking hands with makeup isn’t a bad idea. We are not talking about heavy makeover with contours, fifty layers of foundation and heavy eye makeup. Minimal makeup and there you […] More

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    7 Typical Period Related Myths We All Have Fallen For

    Periods have so many myths related to it that we can now hardly make people realise all the facts. Indian especially are so obsessed with these myths, that facts hardly make any influence over them. Discrimination against women in their menstruation is not something new, from isolating to torturing them, we do our best to […] More

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    5 Most Eccentric Outfits Worn By Bollywood Stars

    When it comes to Bollywood dressing, some outfits turn out to be real fashion hits while others give eyesores. New silhouettes and unconventional styles have become a part of dressing styles of our Bollywood stars. What every star pulls out of there closets, is the main talk of the B-town these days. Pulling off the […] More

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    10 Mighty Facts About Love And Relationship No One Likes To Agree Upon

    Relationships are no longer the fairytales that we’d expect to be. The modern day dating scenes make relationships one hell of a roller coaster ride. From the sweet beginnings to harsh endings, dating has made us more cautious of ourselves than we ever were. Unlike movies, the real-life dating is not as easy as it […] More

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    6 Common Mistakes While Cooking That Will Spoil Your Food

    Kitchen is a place for trail, error and learning. Maybe you love cooking or simply hate it! There are some common mistakes while cooking that tests our patience and also ruins our food 🙁 . If we keep a check on these minor faults not only our recipe will taste good, we’ll reach ahead in […] More

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    Things Every Girl Wishes She Could Share With Her Mother

    Every girl has a very special bond with her mother, from parenthood to a friend, every girl shares an unavowed relationship with her mother. With this, also comes the highs and lows of every relationship, and the one with your mother is no exception. Every girl can relate to this. We all have arguments with […] More

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    8 Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy At All Costs

    First of all a big shout out for all the moms to be! Pregnancy is equivalent to extra care and concern, especially when it comes to your eating habits. You might just crave for all the mouth-watering dishes in the world and go bonkers about it, but controlling your taste buds for a few months […] More

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    Do You Have The 10 Bags That Every Woman Should Own?

    The secret of the most stylish women around the world is not giving in to impulse buys, but rather investing in staples that match their personal aesthetic and are easy to work around for any occasion and look. We love to follow the latest trend about fashion, lifestyle, beauty etc. Handbags are just one of […] More

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    You’ve Been Mispronouncing These Words Your Whole Life

    English is a very tricky language. Especially for us Indians, we tend to assume the pronunciation of a specific word but are stubborn enough to stick with it. There are so many ways to spell a word because you never know which part of the word is to be emphasised more. And even worse is […] More

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    Women Who Gave Life To These 5 Famous Disney Princesses

    We have all grown up watching Disney princesses on our television. They are not only known for their fairy-tale endings, but for their warm, melodic voices that capture girls’ hearts everywhere. These animated characters were given life on screen by some incredible women we don’t even know about. Here are real faces behind 5 of […] More

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    5 Unusual Location Of Acne And Their Causes

    Acne and adolescence are inter-related. Just when our appearance becomes so important and we want to look at out best,  acne begins. Acne is a skin disease, which becomes a big problem in our teens. Its existence lowers our self-esteem and also leads to anxiety. Moreover it can effect any part of your body and […] More

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